Dr. Constance McCatherin Silver

Photo of Connie Silver speaking at a podium

Through Dr. Constance McCatherin Silver’s vision and benevolent gift to New York University, the McSilver Institute was established in 2007. Her goodwill supports ongoing research to interrupt generational poverty and to empower those who are impoverished. It is Connie’s spirit and values that continue to guide McSilver’s work. With her support, the McSilver Institute works everyday to enhance the quality of life of all; we are grateful for all that she does for McSilver and the NYU Community.

How We Work

The McSilver Institute recognizes the interrelatedness of race and poverty and is dedicated to dismantling structural racism and other forms of systemic oppression.

In order to ensure our work is culturally and contextually appropriate for the populations we serve, the McSilver Institute employs a collaborative model via partnerships with policymakers, service organizations, community stakeholders, and consumers. An understanding of the significant link between individuals, families, communities, and both their external environments and the systems with which they interact guides the McSilver Institute’s research efforts.