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Developing Evidence-Based Interventions to Address Poverty
The McSilver Institute‘s research efforts are guided by an understanding of the links between individuals, families, and communities to their external environments, as well as the interrelatedness of race, gender, and poverty.
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Implementing Services Grounded in Evidence-Based Practices
The McSilver Institute harnesses its research findings and community collaborative approach to develop and implement services grounded in evidence-based practices and stakeholder investment. The McSilver Institute is committed to applied research and conducts program evaluations with community-based organizations that provide support and care to children and families impacted by poverty.
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Technical Assistance
Applying Research-Derived Knowledge to Transform Systems
The McSilver Institute seeks to improve the lives of those impacted by poverty by creating the tools, training and infrastructure needed by front line workers (e.g. clinicians, teachers, case managers) so that they can deploy highly effective research-derived interventions. Almost nowhere else in an academic setting are researchers, educators, policy makers, practitioners and consumers collaborating together to adapt leading evidence-based practices to varied, highly-stressed and underresourced community-based settings.
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