Cover of the Ring the Alarm report on Black youth suicide
Suicide and Mental Health
The McSilver Institute’s mission to disrupt the root causes of poverty includes a focus on health disparities, particularly research, programs and policy development to address trends in suicide and mental health disparities. We are distinguished by our success in translating the new knowledge we uncover into action, through policy.
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Step-Up is a youth development and mental health support program that aims to promote social-emotional development, key life skills, academic achievement, high school graduation, and a positive transition to young adulthood. Step-Up is embedded within two New York City High Schools schools located in East Harlem and the Bronx.
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Clinical Education & Innovation
The Clinical Education and Innovation Department (CEID) focuses on a unique array of programs, trainings, and tools to support practitioners and organizations working within poverty-impacted communities. Our aim is to improve service delivery and business best practices within social service organizations. To do this, CEID uses a range of modalities based on the needs and learning styles of participants. These include in-person experiential training, webinars, online self-paced courses, consultation calls, and podcasts. The work of CEID is informed by practitioners in the fields of social work, psychology, education, instructional design, adult learning theory, and family peer advocacy. At the forefront of the work of the department is a commitment to partnership with communities and organizations.
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Mother and preschool-age daughter cooking together
Family & Food Matters!
The Family and Food Matters! (FFM) interventions are grounded in the reality that food insecurity is rarely addressed in conjunction with the multiple adversities affecting those living in poverty. They simultaneously target food insecurity, family/caregiver stress or the access to nutritious and affordable food for future generations.
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