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Exploding the Myth of Women’s Equity: A Five-Part Webinar Series

This webinar series aims to provide participants with a holistic understanding of the impact of gender disparities for women in the workplace, schools, and health throughout history in the United States and in the present. Recordings of the presentations and conversations are all available below. To produce these modules, the McSilver Institute partnered with the […]

CTAC Launches Webinar Series on Race, Trauma, and Poverty

In keeping with the McSilver Institute’s commitment to infusing anti-oppressive practice in every aspect of its operations, in 2015, the New York State-funded, McSilver Institute-directed Community Technical Assistance Center (CTAC) launched a series of webinars for mental health providers addressing race, trauma, and poverty in the context of psychotherapy. According to McSilver Institute Research Scientist Jayson K. […]