Resources for Helping Children Cope with Collective Grief

Photo of adult hands clasping child-sized hands. CTAC logo superimposed below image.

Collective grief happens when a society or community experiences extreme change or loss. This often develops after mass casualty events, such as the recent mass shootings In Buffalo and Texas. The Community Technical Assistance Center of New York (CTAC), which is one of the technical assistance centers managed by NYU McSilver, has prepared a tip sheet of resources for clinicians to help children and adolescents cope with collective grief. The second page includes advice that can be useful for anyone involved in the care of a child or teen.

According to CTAC:

In the aftermath of recent mass shootings In Buffalo and Texas, children and youth may demonstrate acute stress or collective grief. We cannot assume that children and youth are either unaffected or unaware of these events, especially given the mass media coverage.

Clinicians should be prepared to intervene either directly with the children or youth whom they serve or by helping parents to have supportive discussions about these tragic and stressful events with their children. CTAC has prepared this useful resource to promote the keys to having supportive and constructive discussions of these stressful and potentially traumatizing events.

CTAC provides training, consultation, and educational resources to all behavioral health agencies in New York State.

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