Exploding the Myth of Women’s Equity: A Five-Part Webinar Series

Podcast hosts sitting around a table with microphones

This webinar series aims to provide participants with a holistic understanding of the impact of gender disparities for women in the workplace, schools, and health throughout history in the United States and in the present. Recordings of the presentations and conversations are all available below. To produce these modules, the McSilver Institute partnered with the Community Technical Assistance Center of New York (CTAC).

Women in the Workplace

Presenter: Audrey Augustave, Workshop coordinator and Public Speaker focusing on self-help and women’s issues, In-Patient Treatment Associate at New Hope Foundation

The first episode in this series, this webinar focuses on workplace culture and how gender impacts women in the workplace, among other experiences. The goal of this webinar is to provide individuals with the knowledge to facilitate conversations about inequality at work and its influences on the way women navigate through their daily lives.

Women, Tech and the Future

Presenter: Chick Tech, a national organization that creates programming to empower young women to seek professions in the science, technology, engineering and math fields and partners with working professions to increase gender diversity in the workplace.

The focus of this webinar is women in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math). The audience will gain a better understanding of the disparities in educational expectations between males and females and how that perpetuates as adults in the STEM profession.

Women and Mental Health: Embracing the Intersections of Trauma, Oppression, and Agency

Presenter: Mayowa Obasaju, PhD is a clinical and community psychologists specializing in Systemic, clinical and community based approaches to trauma intervention and prevention. Dr. Obasaju serves on the Board of Black Women’s Blueprint and is the Trauma and Healing focused psychologist at the Furman Counseling Center of Barnard College.

This webinar explores how the accumulation of social stressors prescribed onto women affect their social, emotional, and mental well being. We define the various forms of oppression that impact women’s daily interactions. Our goal is to provide viewers with the tools and language to discuss such difficult topics with their clients. Download a PDF of the slides.

How far have we come? The Representation of Women in 21st Century Pop Culture

Presenter: Brittney Cooper, PhD is Assistant Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies and Africana Studies at Rutgers University, Black feminist theorist specializing in Black women’s intellectual history, Hip Hop generation feminism, and race and gender representation in popular culture.

This webinar explores just how far we have come and the state of gender inequality within the United States. Dr. Cooper discusses policies and practices that encourage and promote gender equality with a focus on “Race, Media, and Digital Feminism.” Download slides of the presentation here.

Understanding HERstory: An Anti-Oppressive Framework for Helping Professionals Working with Women

This podcast is an opportunity for helping professionals to gain knowledge about Anti-Oppressive practice and gain practical tools when working with women.

Presenters: Zoila Del-Villar, CASAC, MHC-Limited Permit, Research Scientist
and Amanda Alcantara, Communications and Program Manager