McSilver Launches ‘People, Perspectives, and Policies’ Podcast Series

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The McSilver Institute is introducing People, Perspectives, and Policies — Engaging with Mental Health Today, a series of conversations exploring a variety of mental health topics and their intersection with social services and public health policy. The first three episodes are available to stream now, on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and SoundCloud.

Since 2018, NYU McSilver has launched multiple podcasts to disseminate valuable research or catalyze important discussions related to poverty and policy, including Black Boys and Men: Changing the Narrative Season 1 and Season 2, as well as Saving Young Black Lives: Reversing Suicide Trends, produced in partnership with the Central East Mental Health Technology Transfer Center. With the launch of People, Perspectives, and Policies this summer, the McSilver Institute will bring an even wider range of mental health topics into focus, connecting policies, common practices, and social determinants to the positive and negative outcomes for people impacted by mental illness.

Each episode draws on the expertise of researchers and scholars based at NYU McSilver, in dialogue with thought leaders working in the field. The first three episodes tackle mental health and public health policy, maternal mental health, and providing critical mental health services beyond psychiatric institutionalization. Start listening:

Dr. Andrew Cleek in Conversation with Commissioner Ashwin Vasan

Dr. Andrew Cleek, McSilver Deputy Executive Director, speaks with Dr. Ashwin Vasan, Commissioner of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Dr. Damali Wilson in Conversation with Dr. Erin Sadler

Dr. Damali Wilson, Project Director at NYU McSilver, speaks with Dr. Erin Sadler, Co-Director of the Mood Disorders Program and Director of Child-Parent Psychotherapy Services at Children’s National Hospital.

Dr. Anthony Salerno in Conversation with Linda Rosenberg and Helen ‘Skip’ Skipper

Dr. Anthony Salerno, McSilver’s Innovation and Implementation Officer is joined by two expert guests: Linda Rosenberg is the Director of External Relations at the Columbia University Department of Psychiatry, as well as the former President and CEO of the National Council for Behavioral Health. Helen “Skip” Skipper is the Executive Director of the NYC Justice Peer Initiative.

Portrait of Andrew Cleek
Andrew F. Cleek, PsyD
Deputy Executive Director
Photo of Tony Salerno
Anthony Salerno, PhD
Innovation and Implementation Officer
Photo of Dr. Wilson
Damali M. Wilson, PhD, APRN
Project Director