Andrew F. Cleek

Andrew F. Cleek, PsyD
Chief Program Officer

Dr. Andrew Cleek oversees community partnerships and co-directs both New York State’s Community and Managed Care Technical Assistance Centers (CTAC and MCTAC) in his role as the McSilver Institute’s Executive Officer. Dr. Cleek was the founding director of the Urban Institute for Behavioral Health (UIBH), which was a unique partnership of behavioral health providers dedicated to the implementation of evidence-based practices, integrated primary and behavioral healthcare, and system transformation. Under Dr. Cleek’s leadership, UIBH became an incubator in which pilot projects were developed and brought to scale across New York City and State. Dr. Cleek regularly presents at local and national conferences and is the co-author of widely-used curricula including “Wellness Self-Management” and “Knowledge Empowers You (KEY).” Dr. Cleek also holds an appointment as a Research Assistant Professor at the New York University School of Medicine.