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Resources for Coping with and Understanding the Impact of Trauma, Stress and COVID-19

The following resources have been gathered from the collective expertise of staff from the NYU McSilver Institute to share advice, research and training for anyone who serves vulnerable communities or wishes to understand how trauma, stress, resilience and mental health trends impact all who are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic—but particularly youth, communities of color […]

Burnout Risk for In-Prison Educators Could Jeopardize Programs for Incarcerated Students

Teaching in prison takes an unexpected toll on the health of college faculty and staff. And if educators don’t have the tools and resources they need to counteract those impacts, the sustainability of their programs — and the fates of thousands of students — are put at risk. The McSilver Institute and Corrections to College are teaming up to address this challenge, partnering with faculty and staff from 17 community colleges to launch Sustaining Futures.