McSilver’s Black History Month 2021 Book List

A sampling of book covers

Each Black History Month provides the opportunity to reexamine the 400-plus years-long journey of people of African descent in America and beyond. It’s important to go back to the well and examine stories of triumph and perseverance in the face of adversity, particularly during a time when a deadly pandemic and a reignited racial reckoning are laying bare inequities and transforming the path forward. The staff at NYU McSilver offers the following Black History Month 2021 book list to help guide the way.

NYU McSilver staff members contributing to this list of recommendations include: Dr. Andrew Cleek, Jayson Jones, Ammu Kowolik, Anne Kuppinger, Dr. Michael A. Lindsey, Miles Martin, Rose Pierre-Louis and Frederica Stines.

For additional reading providing context for our current moment in history, view our guide to Resources for Coping With and Addressing Racial Oppression.