Chris Hemphill

McSilver Fellow-in-Residence (2022-2023)
Photo of Hemphill

Chris Hemphill focuses on how data science can help us understand and improve the human condition. Hemphill is Director of Commercial Intelligence at Woebot Health, a role that combines data science with AI strategy for health systems and insurers. This work at the intersection of tech and strategy has a broader theme: working with healthcare leaders to drive ethical and effective decisions with AI and algorithms.

Hemphill started the “Hello Healthcare” podcast, featuring strategy and technology discussions with healthcare leaders and policy makers. It is in the top 25% most downloaded podcasts. Hemphill started and led data ethics initiatives at Actium Health, which led to collaborations between Chicago Booth’s Center for Applied AI and reduced racial and gender bias in algorithms. Hemphill’s current focus is on engagement arcs and uncovering unseen population health needs in the digital mental health sector. They graduated from the University of South Alabama and have helped teach data science at General Assembly.