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Collaborative Board

About the CCB

Community-Based Participatory Research and an awareness of the interrelatedness of race and poverty are cornerstones of the institute’s work. The Community Collaborative Board (CCB) is an ongoing partnership between researchers and community members from neighborhoods impacted by poverty.

The CCB participates in and shares power over the implementation of the McSilver Institute’s research projects concerned with evidence-based prevention and intervention services. The board ensures the programs are culturally and contextually relevant for the populations served.

The CCB was originally established in the Bronx in 1999 to participate in the design, delivery and evaluation of the National Institutes of Health-funded Collaborative HIV and Adolescent Mental Health (CHAMP) study. The board has subsequently overseen more than a dozen multi-year research projects in low-resource neighborhoods across New York City. It has been based at various research institutions and housed at the McSilver Institute since 2011.

Photo of the CCB meeting in a board room at the McSilver Institute

Federally-funded research programs overseen by the CCB have resulted in evidence-based, peer-delivered and sustainable interventions addressing challenges such as:

  • Mental Health and Behavior Disorders
  • Substance Use
  • Educational Achievement and Positive Youth Development
  • Domestic and Community Violence
  • Food Insecurity and Nutrition


Board Perspectives

“I have been on the CCB from the beginning with CHAMP. The aim was to educate the South Bronx school kids, like my son, against getting HIV and sexually-transmitted diseases. We started with a curriculum that was used in Chicago and we adapted the manual to fit the needs of our community. That’s what made it so successful. I have been on the board 16 years now and it has been the experience of a lifetime. I have learned and gained lots of knowledge which I have passed on to my son, who is now in college and a member of the CCB.”
— Ervin Torres, McSilver Institute CCB Member

“Our goal is not to go into a community and tell them what to do; it is to learn from the community, see what the needs are and work from there. That has been our goal from the beginning. We need to know what are the needs, how can we help—and if there is a program that is working elsewhere, how can we adapt it so it makes sense for the community.”
— Ana Miranda, McSilver Institute CCB Member

“When we did recruiting for the HOPE Family Program to study HIV prevention among youth in family shelters, a lot of parents in the shelter were like ‘we’ve been through so many programs that come tell us something and then leave. But not you guys, you are from here, you look like us.’ That’s very important. We’re people from the community, we stay and we follow up.”
— Kerby Jean, McSilver Institute CCB Member


Mission and Values

The Community Collaborative Board aims to nurture and empower families and communities. The core mission of the board is to come together to develop and implement culturally relevant intervention programs for communities. We recognize diversity as strength; we will learn from each other’s culture and respect our differences. We are committed to developing leadership skills among board members and fostering collaboration with other community based organizations through networking.


Projects Consulted
Founded in the Bronx