Minor in Inequality Studies

The 18-credit minor in inequality studies is offered by the NYU Silver School of Social Work. As rates of inequality increase, we hope to empower students to become active and informed global leaders and agents of change. The minor presents the opportunity to study inequality through academic courses as well as through service learning, across disciplines and schools. The required overview course, UNDSW-US 110, draws on faculty experts in inequality across disciplines and schools at NYU.

About UNDSW-US 110

This course examines the historical and contemporary implications of inequality that have persisted especially in the United States, with some emphasis on other industrialized countries. In addition, this course will provide an overview of the causes and consequences of economic and social inequality and how it is reproduced throughout society. Using an intersectional perspective to better understand how various inequalities impact individuals, communities, and systems, this course uses a multi-disciplinary lens to explore complexities of inequality how it continues to be reproduced in society. Students will be challenged to analyze core tenants of systemic inequality and critically develop strategies to reduce inequality. Finally, students will gain the knowledge to analyze social, political, and economic inequalities within a holistic and historical context, while closely examining issues as that relate to the impact of systems based on race, gender, class, and sexuality.

Anyone who is interested in pursuing a minor in inequality studies at NYU and/or who in the course of their studies would benefit from developing a perspective on the complex problem of systemic inequality and its consequences as they affect children, families, the elderly, homeless, victims of domestic violence, the disabled and others. UNDSW-US 110 Inequality is an overview course that can be taken as a first step in pursuing a minor in inequality studies at NYU.

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Interested in taking UNDSW-US 110 in Fall 2019? Sign up now through Albert. If you are interested in pursuing the interdisciplinary Minor in Inequality Studies, check out the current requirements and contact the Silver School of Social Work Undergraduate Program.